Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I moved!

I moved! Head on over to my new blog How Chic It Is to keep up with my new ventures starting January 1st!

xoxo, Sammy

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iPhone 5S: Styled

The time has come! I know I'm not the only one when I say that I'm completely, totally, and utterly excited for my new iPhone to arrive. [1 day, eek!] The only thing I'm more excited about is the fact that I get to pick out brand new cases for it. Because let's be honest, a silver back just isn't going to cut it. Styling iPhones are almost as fun as, well, styling yourself! Here are my top picks for the iPhone 5S...

the fashionista // the classic // the sorority girl
the dog lover // the simple // and of course...

Which one is your favorite? I can't get over the C Wonder dachshund case. How adorable?! But, I ultimately went with the fashionista and the classic.

Happy iPhoning!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday Night Live

Looking for something to do on a Thursday evening in Lexington?! Go to Thursday Night Live downtown! They play live music and you can chit chat with friends! I had never been until last night, and I had a lot of fun. I went with my best friend, her sister, and sister's boyfriend. I think it starts around 4 and ends at 8, but we just went for an hour or so. Here's a picture!

Outfit Details:
Left (Me): Top (similar) / Necklace / Shorts / Belt (similar) / Crossbody Bag / Watch
Right (Katherine): Tank / Shorts (similar) / Belt (similar) / Croakies / Watch (similar)

If you're interested, here's a link to their website!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top 10 Products Under $10

Looking for great products without breaking the bank? Not to worry, I am here to save the day! Today I'll be sharing my top 10 favorite products, all from the drugstore, AND all under $10! Can't beat that. Here we go!

1. Essie Fiji - This is another product that I know I've talked about before, but if you're looking for the perfect milky, light pink color that goes with everything, Essie Fiji is the nail polish for you. Not only does it go with just about everything, but I also think you can get away with wearing this color year round. Anyone else with me on that?

2. Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream - This is a great product for the hot weather, but it is also great for all year if you're looking for light coverage! I use a beauty blender to apply it and it gives a perfect airbrush finish. And to top it off, it has SPF 35! Say what?!

3. EOS Lip Balm - I'm sure you've heard of the EOS lip balms before. They are the little guys shaped like eggs that changed my lips for life! Maybe that's a little dramatic, but these are great. My favorite is the light pink one, but any of the pink ones are great! I have one on my bedside table, one in my car (yepp, it's all melted now), one in my purse, and a couple on my vanity as well! Yeah, that's how much I love these lip balms.

4.  OPI You Don't Know Jacques - I don't think I've ever loved a nail polish more than I do this one. I've been wearing it for the cooler months for at least a few years now and I still can't get enough of it. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it because it's not your traditional nail polish color. You get  hints of purple in a fantastic mauve-ish brown color. Make sense? Probably not, but try it for yourself because it's amazing!

5. Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray - I've used this product for at least six years and I still swear by it. I use it before I blow dry my hair and before I heat style it! Not only is it a great heat protectant but it is also good as a detangler spray. And you can't beat the price and that it's available at nearly every single drugstore!

6. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray - That's a mouth full. To put it simply, it's a sea salt spray. I have naturally curly hair, and I wear it natural a lot of the time. It separates my curls and gives me that "I spent all day on the beach" hair. I love it!

7. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - I talked about this mascara in my What's in My Makeup Bag? post, and I am still in love with it. I haven't been more loyal to a mascara like I have to this one. It sounds like I'm marrying it or something, but it truly does make my lashes look super long, and that's what I love about it! Try it for yourself! It's definitely my favorite of all of the Maybelline mascaras!

8. Jergens Natural Glow - Self Tanner. It's a difficult task to perform. But if you use this product and are careful about applying an even coat, it's an amazing product! I don't use self tanner all that often, but when I do, it's certainly this one.

9. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer - Another mouth full of a product name! This is also another product that was featured in my What's in My Makeup Bag? post, and I still adore it. It's not heavy or cakey and it lasts all day. It's a great product and really helps with those dark under-eye circles of mine!

10. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion - Like I've said a million times already in this post, this is another product that I've used for ages. It's cheap, it works, and smells great! Can't get much better and simpler than that!

Do you use any of these products? What are your favorite under $10 items? Let me know!

Have a wonderful day!
xoxo, Sammy

Monday, September 2, 2013

Classic Fall Staple Pieces

It's that time of year again! Are you excited for fall? Because I know I am! With summer coming to a close and fall quickly approaching (thank goodness), I've put together a set of pieces that I think are essential for any fashionista's autumn wardrobe! For the record, it's still hotter than blue blazes here in Kentucky, but I'm hoping for some cooler weather STAT so I can put my fall clothing to use! Enjoy!

Quilted Vest / Military Jacket / Chunky Sweater / Oversized Cardi /
Riding BootsDark Wash Jeans / Tube Scarf / Booties /
Statement Necklace / Sunglasses / Watch / Stud Earrings

Still on my list of things to purchase before the cooler months are a pair of booties, a few more oversized, chunky sweaters, and a couple graphic sweaters! What's on your fall shopping list?

Happy shopping!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving - August

Hi there! Confused by the title? ...Maybe that was a little condescending. It's pretty obvious as to what this means. I've decided to start doing monthly favorites on my blog! So, at the end of every month (but don't hold me to it...) I'll be sharing a few things I've been loving during that month! Let's get started!

1. Rainbow Sandals - I've always loved Rainbow sandals and I wear them nearly everyday, but I have appreciated them more this month just because I walk everywhere when I'm on campus, and they are extremely comfortable for doing just that!

2. Running Shorts - Yes I am a college kid, and yes I wear running shorts to class nearly every single day. I'm guilty. But honestly, about 1% of campus looks put together when going to class, and I am not part of that 1% more than half of the time... Oops! Running shorts like these are perfect for a day in the classroom.

3. OPI Elephantastic Pink - Bored with summer nail polish colors? Me too. Well, this summer all I've really worn is light, milky pink, but I've had this classic hot pink on my nails for about a week now and I'm absolutely loving it! I've also been on an Essie kick for quite some time now but I forgot just how amazing the lasting power is of OPI. It's been a good month for my nails!

4. Urban Decay Setting Spray - I don't know about where you live, but here in Lexington, it has been over 90 degrees for the past week and I am NOT loving it. At all. I'm so ready for the cooler months, but in the mean time, setting sprays keep my makeup on all day even though I'm sweating bullets (how embarrassing...) This one is my favorite, but I also really like the Victoria's Secret Prime and Set spray!

5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers - I rediscovered my love for my Ray-Ban wayfarers. I've been partial to my aviators pretty much all summer, but I've barely touched them since being back at school! I don't know what it is about these wayfarers, but you can't pry them off of my face recently!

What have you been loving this month?!

Have a wonderful day!
xoxo, Sammy

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Shoes, OMG, Shoes

On my wishlist for this beautiful sunny Wednesday, I have chosen something that will be absolutely perfect for the upcoming fall months. Since it's 92 degrees here in Lexington, I won't be wearing these beauties for a long while, but I just can't help but stare at their simplistic beauty! Priced at only $29.99 from Target, these are great for those on a college-kid budget... aka me. I'm waiting until it gets a little bit cooler to actually purchase them, but for now, I'll just obsess and won't shut up about them!

Target, $29.99
What's on your wishlist this Wednesday? Have a wonderful day!
xoxo, Sammy